Medical Marijuana Caregiver & Amsterdam Genetics
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     Greenmedz is Michigan's premier medical marijuana destination for quality Amsterdam genetics, superior medicine, and healthy rooted clones.  We are continually striving to provide the ultimate experience for our registered patients.  We have big plans that include a full line of edibles, cooking oils, butter, Pressed Kief, and even old school hash.  If you are looking for a trustworthy and legitimate professional marijuana caregiver or perhaps you are just interested in known certified Amsterdam clones look no further.  Free delivery of patient medz monthly along with free vaporization session anywhere in Lower Michigan and patient contracts to ensure you get the medz you need when you need them!

     We are a full service family run co-op.  We are not a brick and mortar location nor are we a dispensary.  To be eligible to receive medicine from us you must apply to have us become your primary caregiver.  We can now deliver  medicine state wide thanks to UPS!!  To receive clones, simply scan and email your valid Michigan Marijuana license that shows you are legal to "possess plants"  to Once we receive this scan we can schedule a public meeting place to accept deposit to begin order and clones are turned around in 3-4 weeks healthy, rooted, bug free and guaranteed to survive the first week of your possession or we replace for free!  No one else offers this guaranty with their genetics and all of our strains come from Amsterdam with original seed breeder packaging to prove authenticity. 

     We also offer grow room design/build with work done by a licensed Michigan contractor.  Have us order your items and do the install so there is no paper trail or trace to you the patient.  We honor your privacy and no records are kept of our clients.  We follow the law so our patients do not suffer, we have been in business for over a year now and continue to grow with many happy clientele. 

      Again, thanks for visiting and feel free to take a look around the site.  Check back soon to see how we are "growing" and what all the "buzz" is about.  Don't forget to add us as your "bud" on Facebook too!  Greenmedz is proud to be a part of the GC3 (Genesee County Compassion Club) in Flint as well as a proud member of MOCC (Macomb Oakland Compassion Club). 

Could you use somebody like us, check us out on facebook for current strains~

Our Genetic Dreamteam Starting Lineup
Services We Offer:
 -Custom Grow Room design and build
 -Hand delivery anywhere in Lower Michigan
 -Full line of bakery infused cannabis products
 -Free Vaporization session with each delivery
 -Online ordering, payment, and patient forum coming soon!
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